Wing-T Reader Q&A: Getting the QB Involved in the Running Game

WingT Reader Q&A - how do I get QB involved in run game

Coach Quincy asked:

What are some plays that you have ran to get the QB involved in the run game?

Most offenses benefit greatly when you have the luxury of having a quarterback capable of running the ball, and the Wing-T is no exception. I think there are three different methods to use to get the QB more involved. You can use them all or pick and choose based on the rest of your installation.

Traditional Wing-T Running Game

The original Delaware Wing-T offense has a number of ways to feature a running quarterback:

  • The waggle / boot play in the core Buck Series can be installed as a running play, a passing play, or a run-pass option. If you have a speedy quarterback who can threaten even just short passes, you can put the flat coverage defender in serious conflict with this play. With younger kids, call it as a designed run but have him show pass on the boot. With older kids, make it an option and have him read the flat defender. Does he stay in coverage with the FB or come up to the QB?
  • You can leverage the Belly option series, Trap option series, or Down option series. We used to run Down option in Sherwood but decided we didn’t like devoting practice time to option and instead moved to the Down sweep.

Tagging Core Wing-T Plays

Another approach is add a tag to existing Wing-T plays already in your playbook and have the QB follow what would normally be the ball carrier. For example, you might call Right 36 Down “Montana”, with the “Montana” tag meaning that the QB will keep the ball. You could say “Eli”, “Manning”, “Lucky” or something else that the kids will associate with a QB. You keep the footwork just about the same as the base play, but instead of the QB faking Down Sweep, he would follow the FB through the hole. I like tagging the following plays:

  • Down
  • Power Sweep
  • Tackle Trap

Use Shotgun and Think of your QB as a Halfback

This is almost a scheme change and is harder to install if you aren’t going with shotgun as a core part of your offense. If you are going shotgun, you will likely incorporate some spread concepts into the game, pushing your wingbacks out to slot positions which limits their ability to be featured in the running game other than jet / rocket.

If your QB can run, you can stick to Wing-T basics even in the shotgun spread. For example, you can run buck sweep where the QB fakes the trap handoff to the FB, then the QB follows guards on buck sweep.

Similarly, you can run the ISO play to the split end side (either side if you are spreading both ends) with the FB leading and the QB following.

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