Wing-T Power Hour

I’ve had a few coaches ask me about the Power Hour drill. I’m pretty sure I first read about it on the Fear the Wing blog, and the heritage for this drill is all Single Wing. But that doesn’t mean we Wing-T coaches can’t adapt it. Like Coach Somebody did for his toss play.

We ran this drill three or four times this season as we were working on perfecting the Down play (more about that here in a screencast I made). My team was never really at full strength after week 2 or 3, so we would usually have 22–23 players to practice with.

Here’s how I ran it:

  • Setup the offense on the 3 yard line, running the down play to the right. We would start with our first offensive unit and only rotate FB for the first 5–10 minutes.
  • Setup a base defense that looks like our next opponent. The defense knows what play is coming.
  • Run the play. Consider imposing a penalty like push-ups or up-downs in the offense fails to score.
  • Repeat this in rapid succession. When the offense has a string of successes, add another defender to the point of attack. For us this usually meant bringing over a weak side CB, LB, or DE.

We would run this for about 20 minutes total. I think an hour would be too much and we’d use up way too much of our allowed contact time.

It builds confidence with the players and the coaches in your bread-and-butter play. You could run this with trap, down, power, midline, etc.