Using Layered Handoffs in the Wing-T

Using Layered Handoffs in the Wing-T

Thanks to Jake Clark for bringing this up on Twitter a while back, and thanks for the photo of his team executing this.

Normally I only like to write about Wing-T techniques that I’ve personally coached and can vouch for. I’ve always taught the “one arm up, one arm down” handoff technique, and when we want a good fake we teach the back to tuck his upper arm thumb into his armpit to simulate holding the ball.

Enough coaches have brought up the layered handoff (and ball carrying) technique that I felt a need to share it. I’d love any commentary you have on how this works for you, especially is you switch to this after previously using the traditional technique.

In the layered technique, the running back will cross his arms with his palms facing down and hold them up parallel to the ground. This creates a pocket for the ball and when he covers the ball, it is very hard to tell if he does or does not have the ball. The videos I’ve seen for this provide some compelling evidence for trying this out.

Here are a few videos to help you learn and install.