Roger Holmes’ Wing-T Belly Series

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Roger Holmes is the head coach at Dublin High School in Georgia, USA. He has 40 years of experience with the Wing-T and originally learned the offense under Coach Herschel Moore of Cumberland University. This is the second of two articles and focuses on his approach to the Wing-T belly series.

First, a couple of quotes from Roger. He was quite the entertaining speaker.

We tip a lot of shit. But we run a lot of shit.


Coach Holmes don’t call any bad plays! The reality is, can you execute?

Quick Aside - Down Play

Coach Holmes did talk about the Down play, but not much. He gave his basic rules, then went right into his weak-side belly series. Here are his rules for Down, which he calls “Belly G”:

  • TE – down block
  • PST – down block
  • PSG – trap technique
  • C, BSG, BST – scoop, starting with a reach step to play-side
  • WB – straight to linebacker
  • FB – lead with his play-side foot, aiming 1st at the inside heel of the TE, then on 3rd step square up to line of scrimmage. He must know that the WB is blocking the LB as this will influence his path.

Other Plays in the Series:

  • Belly Ride, aka Weak-side Belly XB
  • Ride Sweep