Available Now: Wing-T Printable Play Cards

Wing-T for Youth Football Printable Play Cards

As a supplement to my Wing-T for Youth Football book, I’ve created a set of printable play cards 98 full-page play cards that you can print and use right on the field. Here’s what you get:

  • 98 Full-Page Play Cards: Each card is a clear, full-page image that you can print, laminate (or put in a sheet protector), and use right on the field when you are installing plays.
  • 5 Full Series Plus Short Yardage and Trick Plays: The play cards match the information covered in the Wing-T for Youth Football book and cover the Belly, Buck, ISO, Jet, and Power Series, as well as some Short Yardage and Trick Plays.
  • Multiple Defensive Fronts: For most plays, the cards show play execution against both odd (3–5–3) and even (4–4) defenses.

If you haven’t picked up the book yet, you can get both for a discounted price.