My Favorite Wing-T Football Books

My Favorite Wing-T Football Books

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While I’d like to think that The Wing-T for Youth Football is the end-all for learning this offense, I know I’m really just standing on the shoulders of giants like Tubby Raymond, Denny Creehan, Phil Willenbrock, and others. I’ll share what I think are the best books out there to broaden your knowledge of this offense.

Your first priority should be to read Denny Creehan’s books on the Wing-T from A to Z. These books are geared towards the high school and college coach, but there are great teaching points and drills that you will learn that are useful at the youth level.

As an offensive line coach, Phil Willenbrock’s Complete Wing-T Offensive Line Play: Coaching the Skilled Athlete in the Wing-T completely changed my understanding of how to teach and troubleshoot line concepts with the Wing-T. I wrote this review on Amazon back in 2010:

I’ve been coaching wing-T offensive line at the youth level for 5 years and this has become my bible. Excellent approach to the subject that avoids much of the insider-speak common to football writing. While a glossary and explanation of base terms would be helpful, I appreciate the authors detailed explanations of “why” particular techniques are used. He also does an excellent job of walking through specific defensive front scenarios for drills and line calls.

Lastly, you might be able to get your hands on a copy of The Delaware Wing-T: An Order of Football, Tubby Raymond’s original book on the offense he ran at Delaware for many years. The book is far from comprehensive - Creehan’s book is much more so. But I love reading about his thoughts, philosophy, and how to approach play calling. Gotta love hand written play diagrams in a published book!

I’ve read a few others but they aren’t nearly as noteworthy as these. If you have suggested reading, leave a comment below.