Offensive Line Basics for the Wing-T

Offensive Line Basics

Player Selection

The Wing-T offense relies on offensive linemen that can proficiently execute a small set of blocks with proper footwork and quickness.

  • Guards – Your guards should be intelligent, quick, and tough and may be the best athletes you have on the field. They will need to be able to execute every type of block in the Wing-T scheme, including wide pulls for kick-outs and log blocks.
  • Center – Your center will only need to execute a small number of blocks but needs to be able to do those dependably and with quickness. He also needs to be athletic enough to consistently deliver a quality snap to the quarterback.
  • Tackles – Your tackles must be able to consistently down and reach block as well as learn some of the double-team and zone techniques used in the Wing-T system. They do not need to have the quickness of the guards.
  • Tight End – The tight end in the Wing-T is primarily a blocker and will often have similar characteristics as the guard. While he will primarily down block in this system, he will pull in the counter play and may be responsible for line calls and adjusting his split distance based on defensive alignment.


Offensive lineman stance

Use the following teaching points for the offensive lineman three-point stance:

  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • Toes pointing forward
  • Butt drops to squat position
  • Right hand reaches out in front of head
  • Back flat
  • Keep your head up enough so that you can at least see through the D-line knees

Down Block

I'll cover other blocks in a future post, but let's cover the down block as it is one of the primary blocks in the Wing-T. It is used to block the first man down on the line, usually lined up on or shading near an adjacent offensive lineman. The down block is a same shoulder block unlike most others in the Wing-T. A "Down Block Left" would include the following:

  • 6" step with left foot toward middle of defender. This will usually be at a 45-degree angle (similar to a reach step) but could be flat or power depending on the position of the defender.
  • The forward knee will drop as he drives out
  • Cock hands back to hips (hands to holsters)
  • Maintain flat back but keep eyes forward
  • Second step with right foot, driving to middle of defender and engaging with the left shoulder
  • Hands fire forward with a punch motion
  • Helmet slides to right of the defender, engaging with left shoulder (SAME as initial step)
  • Continue to lift and drive the defender laterally down the line of scrimmage

Note that if the defensive lineman penetrates aggressively on a down block, the lineman may need to use a gap block technique (see below) to cut off the defender.