Jason Strickland’s Trap and Down from the Gun

(This is a follow-up article to Jason Strickland’s Buck Sweep Out of Gun article – you might want to read that one first!)


Coach Strickland believes the classic guard trap play is very valuable against defenses that pursue hard. After the move to the shotgun and sliding the fullback to a diveback position, he wanted to find a way to keep this play in his book.

Here are his rule changes:

  • BST – Anchor and protect
  • BSG – Trapper
  • C – On (vs. tough nose, make Cougar call for double team), to back block, to 3-tech
  • PSG – 1st backer inside unless Oscar call in which he’ll go to PS A gap
  • PST – 1st backer inside
  • RB – Hug the back block from center (not the trap block). If Oscar call, hug the back block from the PSG.


This is a running play for the QB. Some changes from traditional down play:

  • PST – listen for a help call from the center. His rule is down / backer, but he may need to step down faster / flatter to help close with the C.
  • TE – go for playside LB. If he needs a double team vs. a man heads up on PST, make a Yeti call to combo with the tackle.
  • RB – similar to the trap rule, he should hug the down block and not the kickout. This is where the running lane will be.