Hancel Phipps Buck Series

Hancel Phipps coaches football at Wake Forest HS in NC. His teams have been on a pretty good run lately. Coach Phipps was at the National Wing-T Clinic in 2018 and gave a great talk on his buck series. I’ll focus on his specific tweaks and extensions.

Buck Sweep

  • Pay attention to the wing’s first steps - make sure he understands what “inside foot” means when tilted! His first step must be down and gain grown with this inside foot.
  • If the center thinks that a weak-shaded nose is going to be too much for the FB to handle on his own, he can call “switch” to have FB cut to play-side and pick up play-side A gap (likely going through to backer).
  • He’ll run a buck sweep reverse with normal blocking rules by the line (even pulling to buck sweep side). FB seals weak-side B gap, and QB lead blocks. WB takes outside handoff from the half-back.

Trap Coaching Points

  • The trapping guard must gain ground as he pulls - don’t bubble. If he starts deep enough off center he can easily step forward at 45 degrees.
  • The back-side tackle must block a DL that is crossing his face as he releases.
  • Center must fill for pulling guard and get lateral movement to widen the hole.
  • FB must run over the spot where ball was snapped before bending to playside.


  • They will call the throwback to the wing from the sideline (seam route).
  • Consider having a Go option for the X where he will stay vertical instead of running a 15 yard out.