Football Scouting Worksheets

In preparation for scouting in the upcoming football season, I created some scouting tracking worksheets based on those found in Steve Belichek’s book Football Scouting Methods. My goals in using these new worksheets are as follows:

  • Improve my ability to track information in real time as I watch a game. This will require focus, streamlining my recording workflow, and having someone else with me to film. This is a key theme in Belichek’s book as he was helping scouts who likely would not have the benefit of post-game film review.

  • Streamline my data collection and workflow during post-game film review. By using these worksheets along with some short-hand notation suggested in the book I hope to shorten the time it takes to complete my scouting reports.

  • Sharpen my skills in scouting opponent defenses. In the past 90% of my efforts have been focus on scouting offenses to prepare a defensive scheme (I am a defensive coordinator after all) but I need to provide more support to my offensive coordinator.