End of Season - Another Championship Game Loss

Our football season ended about a month ago with our third straight championship game loss. We played the same Southridge team that handed us our only regular season loss to nearly the same score - a 24-8 loss. We had great weather and the kids were ready, but this one was just not to be.

Our star running back took a serious blow to the upper body and head on the very first play of the game. He made a courageous lead block on the opening kickoff return but was blown up by one of the star Southridge players. This took him out of the game; he only played one more offensive series for about three plays (including a 40 yard gain that lead to our only touchdown) and may indeed have had a concussion from that opening blow.

We did a remarkable job of slowing down their running game, but a few deep completed passes made the difference. Our coverage was decent - 1 or 2 players on the receiver in both cases, but our secondary wasn't able to get a hand on the ball to stop the catch.

The boys kept their spirits high throughout the game and demonstrated the highest level of sportsmanship even as the final outcome became apparent. In the end while the loss was hard, we achieved our annual goal of playing the maximum possible games (10) by getting to the final championship game.