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What is included in this 66-page resource?

  1. Wing-T Basics: Learn crucial fundamentals, drills, and practice strategies that will help your team work as a well-choreographed unit. 
  2. Clear, concise play summaries: See outlines of each Belly series play, get rules and assignments for each position, and read examples of play execution against both 3-5-3 and 4-4 defenses. 
  3. Videos:  Watch and re-watch high-quality videos to see first-hand how plays should unfold.
  4. Access to More Wing-T Plays and Guidance: This download is just a portion of my book The Wing-T for Youth Football.  The book adds play information for Buck, ISO, Jet, and Power series, drill videos, age-specific guidance, and more.  

About The Author

Chris Brooks is an assistant coach with the Sherwood High School football team.  His role this year is primarily focused on high-level game film analysis and reporting using Hudl.  Chris also has nine years of experience coaching youth football at all age levels, including five years coaching 8th grade football (ages 12-14). He coached in Sherwood, Oregon and his teams played in the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League.  In eight years of coaching playoff-eligible teams, his teams made the playoffs seven times, championship games five times, and won championships twice. Chris served primarily as offensive line coach and defensive coordinator.

He has two sons, Jacob and Matthew, who both played high school football in Sherwood and earned varsity letters on Oregon high school state championship teams.

His “day job” for many years was working in high tech as a software engineer and software executive for the US Air Force, Micron Technology, Corillian, and WebMD. For more information you can visit his LinkedIn profile at

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